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Women's Leggings Pants Lift Butt High Waist Up

Size: S
Color: Graphite
Gray Blend
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  • Seamless UP ComfortFit Lupo leggings
  • Made of polyamide with elastane
  • Developed with the most modern Seamless Dry ® seamless technology, it reduces friction points
  • Sanitizing treatment that prevents the proliferation of microorganisms and bacteria that cause odors
  • Anatomical waistband - Attribute developed in Seamless Dry ® products to ensure better fit and safety during activities. The use of differentiated weaves makes the back of the waistband higher than the front, ensuring the perfect fit of the garment, precisely the application of silicone for better grip, preventing the garment from moving during use.

The AF Seamless Up Lupo Women's Leggings are the trend in fitness fashion! With a design that hugs the curves of the butt and then expands in different directions, creating a rounded highlight.
It has a special model, with no seam on the sides and Seamless Dry technology that reduces friction points, providing greater comfort.
The model also has an antimicrobial treatment that prevents the proliferation of microorganisms, reducing odor.
Its anatomical waistband ensures better wearability and safety during activities. Ideal for women who want to push their limits!


  • 96% Polyamide and 04% Elastane
  • Made in Brazil


36 - 38 cm
M 40 - 42 cm
44 - 46 cm
48 - 50 cm

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SKU: 71757-P-8870
PID: 7285309931660